Courthouse Landscaping 2007


May 15, 2007

New landscaping is being installed at the Bradley County Courthouse Plaza and Annex. An array of seasonal color from a variety of plants and flowers fill the Plaza area, including cherry trees, azaleas, holly, hydrangea, nandina, and lilies.

The project, led by Amy Banks, is joint effort between Bradley County and private donors. “We are very excited today as the landscaping begins. This is a major beautification for the Bradley County Courthouse. Through a partnership between the citizens and the County we have been able to accomplish this project,” said County Mayor Gary Davis.

“Beautification is an important part of MainStreet Cleveland’s mission for downtown revitalization. We appreciate the work and dedication of Amy Banks on this project,” said Sharon Marr, MainStreet Cleveland director.

The landscaping project is done by Tennessee Landscape Services and funded by Bradley County, Ralph and Chari Buckner, Bank of Cleveland, Mark and Beverly Johnson, MainStreet Cleveland, Richard and Amy Banks, Lynn DeVault, and Allan Jones.

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